Summary of the project

Supported Employment is one of the chief constituents of the non exclusionary policy pursued by the European Union and its effectiveness is grounded on a broad-based approach characterized by customer-oriented procedures, clear codes of practice, targeted vocational programs and a dynamic system of both serviceable labour market pathways and functional lifelong learning policies. Today most Supported Employment providers still cannot count on a certified training and on common organizational modes and approaches focused toward pragmatic ways of tackling ever-changing professional contexts.

The main objective of the project was to define the competences and the professional profile of the European Supported Employment Specialist according to the guidelines set by the European Credit System of Vocational Education and Training (ECVET), aimed at designing the competence requirements for Supported Employment Specialists (SESs) working with disabled jobseekers, and therefore at setting a benchmark with regard to several aspects of the profession: certified training and upgrading, definition of tasks, and validation of skills and knowledge throughout EU countries.

The main outputs of the project are: a detailed procedure for the accreditation of VET providers who train SESs; the outline of a Curriculum, a lesson plan and materials for VET courses aimed at training Supported Employment Specialists, and at seeking to improve the quality and comparability of their educational paths; the groundwork of a future European register of quality providers of training and retraining of SESs.

The target groups for the project include Supported Employment Specialists (current and prospective), organizations and VET providers offering courses regarding Supported Employment, trainers of Supported Employment specialists, employment offices, organizations, local authorities and companies employing a significant number of people with disabilities, people with disabilities who are looking for a job, and policymakers involved in Supported Employment.